Archives: August 2009

Authenticity: Scarpa’s Castelvecchio

Carlo Scarpa’s Castelvecchio is the most inspiring example of preservation we’ve seen; where complex layers of ancient and recent history are both independent and dependent at the same time – it’s tectonic brilliance.

Castelvecchio is a storied medieval fortification in Verona, Italy with portions dating back to the 12th century. The majority was constructed in 1354 by the Lords of Verona for their residence and military compound. In 1797, Napoleon’s troops built a utilitarian barracks wing during their occupation and demolished other portions in retribution. Over the last 700 years, Castelvecchio has been marked by numerous military engagements, alterations, and events. In 1923 (during the reign of Mussolini and Italian fascism) it was transformed from its military function to a museum.
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Reuse: Competition for Breuer Tower in Cleveland

Entries from competition pictured here by Ellison, Andreas Lange, and Artem Golestian. Lange proposed to take pieces of other threatened buildings in the area and stitch them together like a memory quilt, and Golestian proposed the building be partially gutted to form terraced gardens. More info on competition proposals at realneo. Developer Lou Frangos is plans to renovate the Marcel Breuer Ameritrust complex as reported in July 2009 on