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Downtown Crossing Redevelopment

During the course of our flash market studies the Boston Redevelopment Authority asked us to formally respond to an RFP that addressed the larger identity of the district including vendor carts, streetscape, paving, graphics, and wayfinding. We assembled ideas and a team that included urban planner Nathalie Beauvais, Studio 2112 Landscape Architects, Bluerock Graphic Design, Urban Marketing Collaborative, Nitsch Civil Engineering, and Fennessy Cost Consulting.

BRA_BID_RFP_FINAL_Bluerock_Edited.indd12-kiosks mall

10 Ways to Build Green

1) Plan with the Local Climate:
Planning your home with the local climate in mind will reduce the time and energy required of your heating and cooling system in addition to providing a more pleasant living experience. Be sure the layout of your home, the placement of windows, and the size of overhangs are designed to take advantage of prevailing breezes and changing sun conditions throughout the year. When the weather is nice you can turn your air conditioner off, open the windows, and enjoy the day.

2) Insulation, Insulation, Insulation:
Insulation slows the time it takes for heat to transfer through walls and roofs. The more you have, the longer your house Read More…

5 Ways to Reduce Utility Bills Today

1) Temperature is Free Money:
Set your water heater thermostat to 120 degrees year-round to save energy. For winter, set your heating & cooling system thermostat to 68 degrees or below; for summer, 74 degrees or higher. Keep your system off and windows open when it’s nice outside. Contrary to popular belief, the thermostat is not reflective of the temperature coming out of the air vents. The thermostat is the target temperature for the air inside the home, and setting it higher or lower will not speed it up. Find your comfort zone and leave it be for maximum efficiency.

2) Watts Matter (But So Does Color and Brightness):
Some fluorescent lights can make your living room look like a hospital room. But Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) have come a long way in recent years; they use half the energy and can even match the warm light of incandescent bulbs. To save even more energy Read More…