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CUBE’s Hayden Building honored with Preservation Award

CUBE’s Hayden Building honored with Preservation Award by the Boston Preservation Alliance. 



Modern Playhouse for Raleigh family

Our 4th cubePLAY structure was designed for a Raleigh family. This is the first with a swing using a steel flitch-beam. Our play structure designs are devoid of traditional notions of “house”; intended to let the imagination of children make it whatever they desire. Thus far we’ve heard our structures becoming pirate ships, karate fortresses, princess castles, and even a place to do homework!

raleigh modern playhouse crop


image credit: U.S. Department of Energy

Recently we took a hard look at residential water heaters. We tried to make real sense of the many sustainable claims and options available on the market in search of the best investment for our clients. We scoured many sources, including Consumer Reports, the U.S. Department of Energy, manufacturer’s testing data, consumer blogs and reviews, industry professional experiences and many more. What we found was surprising.

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Hart Discusses Preservation with TMH

Partner Jason Hart discusses what he’s learned on preservation and more with Triangle Modernist Houses. Learn more here.