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This article discusses one of our arguments for more creative and challenging play structures.  They should be safe, but they don’t have to be boring.  Any design problem includes the tug-of-war between aesthetics and function. The design of play structures is no different.  They should be both visually stimulating and cognitively challenging.  This article discusses how ‘modern’ play structures have been adversely affected by legal and safety standards throughout the years to the point where they are becoming obsolete.


cubePLAY has launched! An alternative to the cheesy play-houses that litter America’s backyards, cubePLAY is a series of architectural play structures that foster child creativity through physical and cognitive interaction. These play structures depart from traditional playhouse designs by providing a dynamic framework for imagination.

The structures are constructed from renewable redwood planks that filter light and create a rich spatial interior that allows passage through, over, and under its various levels. A perfect place for playing, napping, and doing homework, cubePLAY exposes children to the value of design through lively hands-on interaction.