Every once-in-awhile we have the opportunity to break away from the norm and work on something besides buildings.  For this pro-bono project, we provided graphic design services for the Dennis Family Benefit in Chicago who was a dear friend of partner Aaron Malnarick and committed CUBE supporter.








We’re developing a few branding sketches for a brew pub concept. Using beer as a social medium, the logos depict a ‘communal’ and celebratory theme.


As a part of of our ‘Rethinking Preservation’ project for Neutra’s Cyclorama in Gettysburg, we designed a graphic for our ‘Network’ scheme.  The graphic has been used nationally by various organizations as rallying tool to gain supporters for the preservation of modern buildings.



cubePLAY has launched! An alternative to the cheesy play-houses that litter America’s backyards, cubePLAY is a series of architectural play structures that foster child creativity through physical and cognitive interaction. These play structures depart from traditional playhouse designs by providing a dynamic framework for imagination.

The structures are constructed from renewable redwood planks that filter light and create a rich spatial interior that allows passage through, over, and under its various levels. A perfect place for playing, napping, and doing homework, cubePLAY exposes children to the value of design through lively hands-on interaction.


We’re helping some friends with a poster for a fundraising event. The concept is based on turn-of-the-century racing posters and the motion studies of Eadweard Muybridge.


CUBE partner Jason Hart discusses the status of preservation and aging modern-era buildings in the Architect’s Newspaper.

Ailing Downtowns: Rochester, NY

Pictured above are two proposals for Midtown Plaza in Rochester, NY. The Plaza was a 1950s planning experiment aimed at propping up downtown retail business that had diminished with the expansion of suburban shopping centers. Thus it’s with some irony that these two proposals each convert the existing office building over the old mall into housing, in some manner suburbanizing the urban in a seeming development trend across the country. A new proposal, yet to be unveiled, is in the works according to Midtown Plaza, vacated in 2008, was designed by Victor Gruen. Local historian Dan Palmer believes the building is an integral part of the Rochester skyline and holds great architectural integrity inside and out.
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CUBE’s proposal for Richard Neutra’s Cyclorama Building featured in Architectural Record’s First Word by Alek Bierig.

Preserving the Future

It has been called a “flying-saucer,” a “fish bowl,” a “fat man in a skinny man’s shorts,” and even the “ugliest building in the city.” Chicago’s Soldier Field addition was completed several years ago and the controversy surrounding its design draws attention to the same obstacles that confront today’s historically-significant buildings: Outdated preservation standards.
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Transforming Policy: Rudolph’s Garage

Can preservation be transformative? This was the central question in Chris Novelli’s master’s thesis at the Boston Architectural College. With CUBE serving as Chris’ thesis advisor, he set out to examine the possibilities of existing buildings, infrastructure, and landscapes if relieved of the curated formal constraints imposed under the U.S. Department of Interior Standards for Preservation. He selected Paul Rudolph’s heroic parking garage in New Haven, Connecticut as a fitting laboratory for his experiments.
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