One day during the construction of the Carrboro house, the tile installer interrupted me to ask: “What is this place?” “A house?” I responded, somewhat unsure of the question.
He looked up then over, “Really!?” He started walking away. “Wow… Holy cow!” As he walked down the hallway, his head turned up to the skylights and back to the floor. “Wow! This place is (expletive) amazing!” As he entered the living room, he grinned from ear to ear and said, “I’d love something like this in the country.”
I wish I had video of him walking through the house because his reaction is part of the joy we get from creating places that make people feel good every day. Many others have walked through with more reserved comments: “beautiful,” “fabulous,” “love it!” But once in a while you see people visibly moved like the realtor who walked into the Jetty House bathroom and exclaimed, “Wow! Honey, come here! Look! Now this is architecture!”